Plant a Tree

If the heat bothers you, plant a tree .

If the water bothers you, plant a tree.

If you like fruits, plant a tree.

If you like birds, plant a tree.

And if you love life, plant many trees.

Please plant Trees.

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Most Colourful Cities In The World

Is there anything more cheerful than cities that celebrate vivid color? Whether the buildings are all painted in the same shade, or, even better, each and every house in a different color and aroma, bright and cheerful cities make not only for perfect photo opportunities but boost the mood of the tourists.

We have chosen our personal favorite places, cities, suburbs, and parts of a town that all stand out for their bright buildings. They all make for lovely side trips on your vacation in the coming year, and they’re just waiting for you to take great pictures. Instagram, here we come!

Toulouse, France : Often dubbed as the Pink City, Toulouse is a foodie destination. It is a historic gem that is surrounded by the countryside and home to that famous Canal du midi, which also connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea. It really is pink with hues of different colours mixed together.

Jodhpur, India : Jodhpur the second – largest city in the Rajasthan, is also known as the blue city, and when you will look down from the Mehrangarh Fort that towers over this blue city, it is easy to see why. The houses in the old part of Jodhpur are all painted a lovely hue of blue colour.

Bo Kaap, Cape Town, South Africa : Bo Kaap is a neighborhood in Central Cape Town and is one of the places on any must-see list when visiting. In Bo Kaap, the colour, tall buildings are not only bright, cheerful, and so Instagram-able, but also tells a deeper story.

La Boca, Buenos Aires, Argentina : Buenos Aires in Argentina is a sprawling city with lots to do and see. It is also nicely divided into districts, each one famous for its own unique reasons. La Boca is the colourful one. Within the district of LA Boca lies Caminito, the little path : a street museum where houses are brightly coloured.

Burano, Italy : While visiting Venice, many people come only for a day, or, at most, stay long enough to pop over to Murano, but the Island of Burano is often overlooked by tourists. At the very end of a 45 – minute trip on Vaporetto 12 lies this little island filled with brightly – painted tiny houses that once belonged to fishermen.

Bristol, England : Bristol is sure to delight the tourists with its colorful houses. A hilly city with river Avon having formed deep gorges in the vicinity, buildings along the cliff edges of High-lying quarters have been painted in bright colours.

Havana, Cuba : Number one on the list, without a doubt, Havana. It wins because not only does the city have plethora of brightly painted buildings, but it has really colorful vintage cars parked alongside these beautiful buildings.

“If travelling was free, you would never see me again.” – Bob Marley

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Exploring Santorini

Santorini is one of the Cyclades islands in the Aegean Sea. It is a volcanic island in the Cyclades group of the Greek Islands. Santorini is located between Los and Anafi Islands. It was devastated by a volcanic eruption in the 16th century BC, forever shaping its rugged landscape.

Santorini is famous for dramatic views, stunning views from its Oia town, the strange white aubergine (eggplant).

The town of Thera has its very own active volcano.

: Check out some amazing pictures of Santorini below :

Many of the houses in Akrotiri are of major structures, some of them are three – storeys high. Its streets, squares, and walls were preserved in the layers of ejecta, sometimes as tall as 8 metres, indicating this was a major town of Santorini. In many houses stone staircases are still intact, and they also contain huge ceramic storage jars (pithoi), mills, and pottery. Noted archaeological remains found in Akrotiri are wall paintings or frescoes, which have kept their original colour as well.

The town also has a highly developed drainage system.

Santorini’s primary industry is tourism. Agriculture also forms a part of its economy, and the Island also sustains a wine industry, based on indigenous Assyrtiko grape variety. White varieties also include Athiri and Aidani, whereas red varieties include Mavrotragano and Mandilaria.

The Cyclades are part of a metamorphic complex that is known as the Cycladic Massif. The complex formed during the Miocene and was folded and metamorphosed during the Alpine oregeny around 60 million years ago. Thera is built upon a small, non-volcanic basement that represents the former non-volcanic island, which was approximately 9 by 6 km.

The 1956 Amorgos earthquake resulted in the demolition of many buildings in the north of Santorini, leading to the desertion of many of its villages. The expansion of tourism has resulted in the growth of the economy and population.

Santorini was ranked as the world’s top island tourist attraction from many magazines and travel sites such as the BBC, the Travel+ Leisure Magazine.

An estimated 2 million visitors visit annually.

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Exploring the ‘happiest country in the world!’

Hey there! How you doin’, great I hope. We are back with another fascinating post on our Blog site Peace of Mind.

This time we’ll take a look at the world’s most happiest country, Finland!

For the third year in a row, Finland has placed at the top of the list as being the happiest country in the world, with Denmark coming in second, followed by Switzerland, which pushed Norway out of the top three this year, according to The Forbes report. Check the full report here.

let’s take a look at some facts which are major components adding to the happiness of Finland :

Finland, officially known as the Republic of Finland is a Nordic Country located in Northern Europe. Finland shares its borders with Sweden to the west, Russia to the East, and Norway to the North & is defined by the Gulf of Bothnia to the West and the Gulf of Finland to the south that are part of the Baltic Sea.

In 1906, Finland became the first European state to grant all the adult citizens right to vote, and the first in the world to provide all adult citizens with right to run for public office. Nicholas II, the last Tsar of Russian Empire, tried Finland to make a Russian state and also terminate its political autonomy, but after 1917 Russian Revolution, Finland declared itself independent from the empire.

Finland was inhabited around 9000 BC, the last Glacier Period. The Stone Age introduced several different kinds of ceramic cultures and styles.

The Bronze Age and Iron Age were characterised by extensive contacts with other cultures in Fennoscandia and the Baltic Region.

While Finns have always been at the forefront of technological innovation, they know happiness cannot be found on a computer screen. While others go to therapy, Finns put on a pair of rubber boots and head to the woods!

Even Prisons in Finland are more like cafés and personal bedrooms!

Rather than punishing their prisoners, Finland focuses on major rehabilitation and preparation for a smooth reentry of prisoners into the society.

A prison cell at the Ojoinen Open Prison looks more like a personl bedroom! , prisoners are also allowed a few personal possessions.

Normal Daily routine of Prisoners

There are no bars on the windows, no huge gates, no fences.

By 7am, the prisoners are ready to begin their working day. A number of prisoners have jobs with local businesses, while the rest perform tasks organised by the prison.

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Beauty of Japan

The amazing Mount Fuji, located on the Island of Honshū, Japan

Japan is an island country in East Asia located in the northwest Pacific Ocean . It is bordered by the Sea of Japan to the west and extends from the Sea of Okhotsk in the north to the East China Sea and Taiwan in the South.

Japan is the eleventh most-populous country of the world.

It’s magnificent to note that Japan was perhaps the only country to suffer by the drastic effects of The Second World War, and now it is the second largest contributor to the regular budget of the UN.

Check out some breath-taking and amazing images of Japan:

The blooms of hellebores, Viburnum Burkwoodii and Japanese cherries whirl in the golden light of spring evening.

The famous ‘Yoshino Cherry’ Tree. The tree that stands for ‘Sakura‘, the Japanese cherry festival. It is fascinating to note that while Japan has over 100 indigenous cherry varieties, 70% of the trees today are Yoshino, due to mass planting in the late 19th and early 20th century. It flowers for one week actually on average, but attracts thousands of tourists. Now isn’t it fascinating?

A long exposure of waterfall in Shizouka, Japan.

Skyline of Tokyo, Japan. Did you know? Tokyo was formerly known as Edo in the 20th century. The name was changed in 1890 in the light of Meiji Restoration.

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Beauty of Norway

Norway is known throughout the world for its jagged mountains.

Norway, with its population of just over 5 million, is one of the three Scandinavian countries. It is ranked as one of the best countries to live in and has one of the lowest crime rates in the world.

Norway is a Scandinavian country encompassing mountains, glaciers and deep coastal fjords. Oslo, the capital, is a city of green spaces and several museums.

Geography:Norway is a long country located in Northern Europe – with borders to Sweden, Finland and Russia on the east side, and an extensive coastline facing the North Atlantic Ocean on the west side. Here the climate is wet and mild compared to the east and the north, where winters are colder and longer.

Check out some amazing pictures of Norway.

Norway is the place that can truly confirm that beauty is in everything. It is a land that brings you back to what is most humane and sensitive:light, colors, respect, good flavours.

Norway has an idyllic scene too!

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