Most Colourful Cities In The World

Is there anything more cheerful than cities that celebrate vivid color? Whether the buildings are all painted in the same shade, or, even better, each and every house in a different color and aroma, bright and cheerful cities make not only for perfect photo opportunities but boost the mood of the tourists.

We have chosen our personal favorite places, cities, suburbs, and parts of a town that all stand out for their bright buildings. They all make for lovely side trips on your vacation in the coming year, and they’re just waiting for you to take great pictures. Instagram, here we come!

Toulouse, France : Often dubbed as the Pink City, Toulouse is a foodie destination. It is a historic gem that is surrounded by the countryside and home to that famous Canal du midi, which also connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea. It really is pink with hues of different colours mixed together.

Jodhpur, India : Jodhpur the second – largest city in the Rajasthan, is also known as the blue city, and when you will look down from the Mehrangarh Fort that towers over this blue city, it is easy to see why. The houses in the old part of Jodhpur are all painted a lovely hue of blue colour.

Bo Kaap, Cape Town, South Africa : Bo Kaap is a neighborhood in Central Cape Town and is one of the places on any must-see list when visiting. In Bo Kaap, the colour, tall buildings are not only bright, cheerful, and so Instagram-able, but also tells a deeper story.

La Boca, Buenos Aires, Argentina : Buenos Aires in Argentina is a sprawling city with lots to do and see. It is also nicely divided into districts, each one famous for its own unique reasons. La Boca is the colourful one. Within the district of LA Boca lies Caminito, the little path : a street museum where houses are brightly coloured.

Burano, Italy : While visiting Venice, many people come only for a day, or, at most, stay long enough to pop over to Murano, but the Island of Burano is often overlooked by tourists. At the very end of a 45 – minute trip on Vaporetto 12 lies this little island filled with brightly – painted tiny houses that once belonged to fishermen.

Bristol, England : Bristol is sure to delight the tourists with its colorful houses. A hilly city with river Avon having formed deep gorges in the vicinity, buildings along the cliff edges of High-lying quarters have been painted in bright colours.

Havana, Cuba : Number one on the list, without a doubt, Havana. It wins because not only does the city have plethora of brightly painted buildings, but it has really colorful vintage cars parked alongside these beautiful buildings.

“If travelling was free, you would never see me again.” – Bob Marley

Thanks for reading. 🙂


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