Positive Energy

“Sometimes Life looks like a moving carousel, where we have no control over anything nor we can bend anything to our will.”

We all have gone through situations where everything seems like a question mark, but still with hope, love and gratitude, managed to survive these tough times.

I think words of affirmations can help others as much as they help me to get through tough and harsh times of life.

There are any ways through which one can incorporate positive affirmations in everyday life.

Some of them are : write them down in post-it notes or a piece of paper and stick them around your office, workplace, or anywhere where you can see them regularly.

Use positive affirmation while you are looking in mirror. Use an affirmation while you are walking or even exercising.

Following are the self affirmation examples that you should try :                       

Positive Daily Affirmation For Creativity : I allow myself to create, my mind is full of creative ideas. I am a talented person. I attract brilliant ideas.

I am willing to release the need for perfection. I’m open to nurturing my creative mind. The Universe help my ignite my creativity.

Words Of Affirmation For Self-love : I am good enough. I am made for awareness and greatness. I am loved and admired. I have the right to shine and succeed.

My body is filled with the healing energy. My body, soul, and mind are at peace. My mind is filled with positive thoughts. I am patient and kind to myself.

“Stay positive no matter how negative life gets, cause in the end everything will be great, if things aren’t great, then it’s not the end.”

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