Learn To Live happy Alone

Some people are naturally happy alone. But for others, being solo is a grave challenge.

If you fall into the latter group, there are some ways to become more comfortable with being alone (Yes, even if you you’re extrovert).

Regardless of how you feel about being alone, building a good relationship with yourself is a worthy investment. After all, you do spend time (even quite a bit) with yourself, so you might as well learn to enjoy it. These tips are aimed at helping you get the ball rolling. They might not be transform your life overnight, but they can help you get more comfortable with being alone. Some of them even maybe exactly what you need to hear.

Avoid comparing yourself to others, this is easier said than done, but try to avoid comparing your social life with anyone else’s. It’s not the number of friends you have or the frequency of your social outings that matters. It’s why works for you. Remember, you really have no way of knowing if someone with a bunch of friends and a stuffed social calendar is actually a happy.

Take a step back from social media. Social media isn’t inherently bad or problematic, but if scrolling through your feeds makes you feel left out and stressed out, then definitely take a step back.

That’s not to say that technology isn’t an incredible and effective tool for building community and feeling close to loved ones who might be far away. But it’s easy to rely on devices as a way to avoid being alone with your own thoughts.

Perform a test run and ban yourself from social media for 48 hours. If that makes a difference, try yourself giving a daily limit of 10 to 15 minutes and stick to it.

Carve out time to let your mind wonder. Does the thought of of doing absolutely nothing unsettle you? That’s probably because it’s been a long time since you’ve allowed yourself to just be you.

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Thanks for reading. 🙂

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